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Allison Lewis, MD and Parent

Mercer Island Martial Arts has been the single best activity that my kids have done. This school goes way beyond just teaching martial arts. They have that rare gift of being able to mix teaching and discipline with fun. The kids love them, respect them and learn from them. I have two very different children that have benefited in very different ways from this school. My daughter found a sense of place and community here. She developed respect and had another set of adults steering her in a constructive direction. She developed relationships with older students at the school who have helped her learn to stand up against peer pressure and have guided her to being a better student and making better choices. She has learned the responsibility of teaching the younger children and helping them with their challenges. She is eager to mentor the younger students because she values the experience that she had. My son has gained self confidence. He is an easy-going boy that would sometimes be taken advantage of & pushed around. Now he has the confidence to stand his ground and know that he can take care of himself, and, perhaps more importantly, he knows that he can walk away. He has learned about responsibility as well. He has gained leadership skills from teaching roles that he had previously have avoided. I am grateful for the work that Mercer Island Martial Arts has done. They have helped my children develop in very positive ways. These two, and the school that they run, are a tremendous asset to the community.

Vallish Guru V, Student

I have been attending Adult & family classes at Mercer Island Martial Arts for close to 3 years now. I love their program and classes. All the instructors are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. In addition to emphasizing on conditioning your body and martial art techniques, the programs also emphasize importance of discipline, respect and on mental awareness.

Sammantha Rubenfield, Parent

This is such an incredible place! My ten year-old son has been coming here for over four years, and in that time he has absolutely flourished. Not just physically, but intellectually and emotionally as well. They somehow manage to teach strength, compassion, and grit, all while having fun. I can not recommend them enough!

Michelle Ryan

My kids have been going here for years and both absolutely love it! Graham is a super star instructor who really knows how to teach kids. Master Wells has been running this gem of a community organization for what’s now 2 generations for some families…. And I can understand the longevity! Discipline, commitment, effort, flexibility, academics all rolled into one convenient and flexible after school activity! (They also have camps but they fill up fast and we have yet do to them). Cannot recommend highly enough.

Damian Neuner

I have been going here since the 6th grade and it has made such an impact on my life. I have not only improved my physical skills but also my confidence and leadership skills. I have made so many close friends through my lessons here. And to say the instructors are an inspiration to me would be an understatement.

Ena Wang

I've been coming here since I was little and continue to enjoy my training here! It's a great workout and everyone is very nice and friendly. Highly recommend it for anyone curious about martial arts!

Aparna Dixit

I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience and review of the Mercer Island martial arts class my son attends. As a parent, I believe it is crucial to provide our children with opportunities for personal growth and development, and this martial arts program has proven to be an exceptional avenue for exactly that. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the professionalism and passion exhibited by Master Wills and Graham. They possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines, creating an environment conducive to learning and personal development. Their dedication to the students is evident in their approach, as they patiently guide each child through the techniques and principles of martial arts.

Jason Boehner, Parent

We originally joined to learn self-defense. Little did I appreciate how much our relationship with Mercer Island Martial Arts would deepen (even during the pandemic) and the long lasting positive impact it would have on our children. As the parent of a 2e child, I am always looking for resources and as such often times now find myself in 'the giving role' of helping other parents find resources to support their family and their children. I did not expect Mercer Island Martial Arts to become one of those rare cornerstone assets. Self-defense was just the start of learnings though Mercer Island Martial Arts. Martial arts focus on the body *and the mind*. Mercer Island Martial Arts helps children build self-respect, self-control, and focus by setting goals, demonstrating perseverance, while giving these skills both physical and mental form. This is a family business in every sense of the word and the work they do is invaluable to our community. I hope that you and your family find that value here as well.

Jennifer Muscatel

Sure there are a lot of places to learn and practice Martial Arts in the greater Seattle area, however none compare to Mercer Island Martial Arts. At Mercer Island Martial Arts it’s not just about athletics - they believe it also includes leadership, respect, responsibility, kindness to self, kindness to others, and much, much more. In addition, they encourage the practice of these skills outside the Do Jang, as well. Our son has a list of tasks to achieve at home in order to maintain his leadership status at Mercer Island Martial Arts which makes life for my husband and me so much easier! The expectations are challenging, but it all balanced with the warmth, love, caring and individualized support he needs to be successful. In fact, he has wanted to quit several times but the staff is able to uncover the root of his frustration and works to find ways to motivate him again to keep going. Suddenly he'll be asking to go a few hours a day instead of fighting to go at all. I would recommend Mercer Island Martial Arts a thousand times! It is the most positive place I could think of to send my son.

Jen Mills, MD, Parent and Student

Both my son and I have been attending Mercer Island Martial Arts for 6.5 years! That alone tells you how valuable we believe this has been. My son has learned leadership skills, gained friends, and enjoyed valuable lessons about hard work, respect, and gratitude-ALL while having fun and getting great exercise. I have personally enjoyed being able to participate in such a wonderful experience along side him, and it has been great for me personally to also have a community of fantastic people with which to practice martial arts. They are truly talented at what they do. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Brandy Craig

My family signed up for the family classes, as my daughter wanted to get some solid self-defense training to build confidence and help prepare for going off to college. I never imagined how much I’d get from joining her in this adventure, but it’s been amazing watching her learn all while learning so much myself. I can’t say enough about Master Wells and her staff, either. They CARE about each student, and are so encouraging! Just check it out… you won’t regret it!

Michael R. Loken, PHD

Mercer Island Martial Arts is far and beyond the best. Their recognition as "Heroes of Mercer Island" speak to their commitment to the community. Their outreach programs teaching children how to deal with bullies is an example of other means to avoid physical and emotional conflict. Their integration of physical and developmental discipline is unsurpassed.