thank you

Jan Eveleth, Student and Parent

The Mercer Island Martial Arts staff are friendly, respectful, compassionate, and dedicated. They have built an amazing, well-rounded program that succeeds in creating well-rounded individuals. I highly recommend this program for people of all ages. The benefits of the program for my children are evident in the home, at school, and in their social lives. In the elementary years they learned confidence and focus. Now in the frenetic middle school years, they are building on those basics with a focus on responsibility, respect for self, for others, and for community. All of this while continuing to expand their physical capabilities. But this isn't a program just for kids. Never having had martial arts training before, I started the program out-of-shape and 50. The instructors helped me along at a comfortable pace, knowing just how and when to challenge me to the next level. In under two years, I regained a level of physical well-being that I honestly thought, at my age, was impossible. I too saw the positive effects of the physical and mental training at home and work. Mercer Island is fortunate to have this program available to us. Thank you Mercer Island Martial Arts!