leadership, respect, responsibility, kindness

Jennifer Muscatel

Sure there are a lot of places to learn and practice Martial Arts in the greater Seattle area, however none compare to Mercer Island Martial Arts. At Mercer Island Martial Arts it’s not just about athletics - they believe it also includes leadership, respect, responsibility, kindness to self, kindness to others, and much, much more. In addition, they encourage the practice of these skills outside the Do Jang, as well. Our son has a list of tasks to achieve at home in order to maintain his leadership status at Mercer Island Martial Arts which makes life for my husband and me so much easier! The expectations are challenging, but it all balanced with the warmth, love, caring and individualized support he needs to be successful. In fact, he has wanted to quit several times but the staff is able to uncover the root of his frustration and works to find ways to motivate him again to keep going. Suddenly he'll be asking to go a few hours a day instead of fighting to go at all. I would recommend Mercer Island Martial Arts a thousand times! It is the most positive place I could think of to send my son.